Banish your Fear of Pain and Feel Calm about Birth and Labour
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Here's what's included in your Banish your Fear of Pain Kit;

Fear Clearance Meditation for a Fear of Pain [worth $19] 
This in-depth fear clearance meditation is to help you to get rid of your fear of pain. By helping you to 'make friends' with pain, you will no longer fear it, and so are less likely to experience it as strongly, if at all. 

How to reduce your fear & experience of pain MASTERCLASS [worth $39] 
This masterclass dives into the psychology of pain and how the body steps up during birth to help you to avoid experiencing pain. You will also discover how you can reduce your experience of pain - in birth or just at the dentist! 

5 x Fear Clearance Scripts [worth $35] 
Fear clearance mantras for the 5 main fears that contribute to a fear of pain when it comes to birth. These easy-to-use scripts will allow you to clear your fears quickly and without fuss.

2 x Expert Interviews [worth $29]
I speak to two midwives about the important stuff;
  • Managing pain during birth
  • Vaginal tearing, and how to avoid it

Your own Membership Area 

All your fear clearance resources are accessed through your own portal. 


You will have access to a my Fearless Birthing Facebook group and get support from others who want to overcome their pregnancy and birth fears.

Banish your Fear of Pain$30

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Get the Fear Clearance Starter Pack - Clearance Scripts for the Top 10 pregnancy & birth fears. 

Clear a fear in under 30 minutes!

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"By the time I was done working through my fears I no longer felt this deep-rooted fear that engulfed my mind and body. Instead I felt light, and I could acknowledge the fear without any emotion. 

What’s even better is that I didn’t have to set aside hours upon hours to work through my fears. 

When a fear popped up I spent about 5-10 mins and the fear was gone

It was incredibly empowering to know I could successfully rid myself of a fear so quickly."